Desktop Remediation


Saving your Company Money…Without Compromising Environmental Integrity

Traditional consulting determines contamination through a narrow comparison and interpretation of sample data to regulatory standards. Results and regulatory standards are misinterpreted and overcautiously applied, which results in false identification of contamination, inability to obtain regulatory closure at a site, and expensive unnecessary delineation and remediation programs that cost your business money. There is a better, more cost-effective method that SynergyAspen calls Desktop Remediation. We tailored Desktop Remediation to the unique regulatory and geological conditions found in British Columbia.

The regulatory framework in BC is unsuitable or too conservative for the actual geographical, geological, geochemical, and hydrogeological conditions in Northern British Columbia. Using proprietary screening methodologies, professional experience, and a thorough understanding of BC’s regulatory environment, we provide you cost- effective environmental alternatives. To achieve your goals, SynergyAspen will:

Using intellectual horsepower, experience, and an unsurpassed understanding of the regulations, our lead practitioners form alternative hypotheses. They either challenge the regulations or perform further testing to prove or disprove the hypothesis. This dramatically reduces your costs, especially when compared to the standard linear interpretation of sample data.  In the past, we have proven, to the satisfaction of the regulator, some of the following:

You will avoid unnecessary delineation and remediation, not only saving you money, but reducing the environmental impact of unnecessarily delineation, excavation, trucking and landfill disposal of soil.  We employ methodologies and practices that are the best in British Columbia.  For more information , select one of the links to the Our Projects section.  We provide you with specific examples of our unique approach to environmental science and environmental regulation.  Our case studies illustrate how SynergyAspen saves you money without compromising environmental integrity.