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Technical and Operations Positions

Technical Expert

A Technical Expert provides consultation on specific issues for a project. A high level of technical mastery and regulatory knowledge is required. A Technical Expert is usually a senior specialist within a specified discipline (e.g. hydrogeology, soil science, engineering, biology, agrology, etc.). A Technical Expert includes a contaminated sites practitioner appointed by the Ministry of Environment to the Contaminated Sites Approved Professional (CSAP) Society. 

>15 Years in BC, or demonstrated equivalency

Client Manager

A Client Manager works with our client to plan, budget, and manage the direction of a project portfolio. A Client Manager provides ongoing updates to the client to meet their communication needs. Client-specific requirements are communicated to staff. A Client Manager is responsible for technical review and professional sign-off of all reports that are submitted to regulators.

>10 Years in BC, or demonstrated equivalency

Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible to plan, budget, and manage day-to-day activities for one or more projects. A Project Manager oversees internal work processes to comply with client and regulatory requirements, and is responsible for technical review and professional signature on report submissions.

>10 Years in BC, or demonstrated equivalency

Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator assists the Project Manager to plan and complete a project and may direct one or more Site Supervisors. A Project Coordinator may be responsible for project budgets, timelines, deliverables, completion of advanced field programs, and preparation and signature of factual technical reports.

4 to 10 years in BC, typically

Site Supervisor

A Site Supervisor is responsible for the safe completion of fieldwork programs, data management, and preparation of factual technical reports. A Site Supervisor works under the direction of a Project Coordinator or Project Manager.

1 to 5 years in BC, typically

Site Supervisor Assistant

A Site Supervisor Assistant prepares for, and assists with, fieldwork programs and data management. A Site Supervisor Assistant works under the direction of a Site Supervisor.

0 to 2 years in BC, typically

Environmental Drafter

An Environmental Drafter is responsible for the preparation of borehole logs, interpretation of geospatial information, and preparation of GIS and AutoCAD based project drawings.

> 5 years

Project Assistant

A Project Assistant provides support for project-based accounting, report formatting and document completion.

Task dependent

Finance and Accounting Positions

Accounting Assistant

An Accounting Assistant is responsible for providing scheduled support to the Controller in accordance with company policies and procedures. This position requires maintaining accurate and up-to-date accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll as well as performing monthly account reconciliations.

Task dependent