Leadership Structure


Leadership is crucial for any thriving organization. At SynergyAspen, we use an aspect driven leadership model. In this model, a leadership director leads each of our five business aspects. These aspects are:leadershipchart


Leadership directors are supervised by and report to SynergyAspen’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Gorsic, P.Chem. This model ensures that we are a strong and stable business enterprise, capable of delivering projects on time and on budget. Select a link found above to find out more about our company and its structure.


Human Resources


The Human Resources aspect of SynergyAspen strategically supports the corporate goal of operational and technical excellence through engaged professionals.  Our aim is to transform SynergyAspen into the ‘employer of choice’ in our field.  Working together with the other business aspects, we build our company by fostering our most valuable resource, our people.

At SynergyAspen, our employees are the service drivers of comprehensive environmental consulting. By applying our moral compass, founded on the principles of integrity, teamwork, and community presence, we inspire our talented team to strive for their highest potential.

SynergyAspen nurtures an inclusive environment that embraces diversity and promotes respectful relationships. Our policies provide balance for job satisfaction and life fulfillment. Through training and professional development, we cultivate and recognize success.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes a variety of different designations, such as Professional Agrologists, Chemists and Geologists. In addition, we have a number of Technologists and Technicians from varying disciplines.




Operations encompasses every service we provide for you our clients. To ensure consistency, we have a dedicated aspect leader in Operations, and a Northern Operations Leader. Technical operations are at the center of SynergyAspen. Operations fulfills three roles within the company.

Operations ensures that our clients receive reports on time and on budget. We accomplish this task by ensuring that processes and procedures meet the best practices within our industry. We consistently seek better methods to provide you, our clients, with the very best in consulting services.

Operations ensures all Health & Safety protocols are met and exceeded. Through leadership and training, we create a safe and healthy work environment where risk is managed. Everyone is responsible and accountable for Health & Safety performance by Working Together.

Operations works together with Corporate Technical Services to apply science and technology to increase efficiencies and quality to our clients and communities throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Our innovations increase both our effectiveness and efficiencies. From our SynGIS and SynLFT, through Desktop Remediation™, we are committed to the effective operation in our business.


Corporate Technical Services


SynergyAspen’s strengths are its technical and operational excellence. There are three cornerstone roles for Corporate Technical Services (CTS) within SynergyAspen.

CTS is the company’s repository of scientific skill and knowledge. We develop environmental practices that promote technical integrity and work within environmental regulations. We provide our services to support and develop the entire company.

CTS champions the professional development of our technical team. At SynergyAspen, we match high professional expectations with support and development. By utilizing both internal and external resources, we ensure the professional and scientific development of our technical team.

CTS maintains a high level of quality control and assurance throughout the company. Our clients deserve a high level of quality at each stage of every project. To ensure this, SynergyAspen uses a proprietary Quality Management System (QMS). Our QMS uses a variety of quality management processes and measures. This allows us to confirm that job execution, data collection/interpretation, and budget management are accurate, effective, and professionally prepared.

SynergyAspen’s repertoire of projects and clients is increasing our reputation as a scientific leader within the environmental community. This, in turn, provides more complex and interesting projects for our company. Our CTS strategies enhance the quality of work and provide the professional development needed to ensure a prosperous future for SynergyAspen and its staff.


Business Development


All companies must continue to develop their markets, and SynergyAspen is no exception. The Business Development aspect, led by Daniel Gorsic, CEO leads all of the company's marketing and promotional efforts.

Marketing and promotional initiatives are facilitated by the entire SynergyAspen team, to ensure the long term sustainability and viability of SynergyAspen. The Business Development aspect has three objectives:

Business Development works with our project and client managers to ensure total client satisfaction. This includes all elements of interaction such as reports, invoicing, and client communication.

Business Development is charged with finding new clients and new opportunities within the environmental consulting field. We have the ability to leverage our vast knowledge and experience in environmental sciences to include areas outside of upstream oil and gas. These include work in urban areas and scientific research.

Business Development has overall responsibility for ‘telling the company story.’ We work with our operations aspect to ensure our reports are well-written and understandable, and we work to craft our description of our various service offerings.




The financial aspect of SynergyAspen performs four critical functions to ensure the financial stability of the enterprise. These are:

Financial Planning: This includes all aspects of operational budgeting, capital planning, cash flow forecasting, and banking. The company engages in a rigorous planning process to ensure the company’s financial health.

Record Keeping and Compliance: This includes all the bookkeeping, reporting, development of financial statements, and internal and external reporting. We ensure that our clients receive accurate reporting and invoicing. In addition, we ensure that we comply with both the federal and provincial governments.

Control and Reporting: The financial aspect has a well-developed control and reporting methodology. Our control ensures that we pay our subcontractors the proper amounts and in a timely fashion. Our reporting provides the information we need to operate a successful company.

Information Technology and Business Operations: This final role includes all computer hardware and software planning, and any other business issues from real estate negotiation to insurance.

We are as competent in operating our business as we are in performing the environmental services that our clients demand and deserve.