Statements of Corporate Philosophy


  • Mission (What We Do)

    Working Together with our clients, service providers and stakeholders, SynergyAspen provides comprehensive environmental consulting services.  We assess risk, manage solutions, and restore our environment in an innovative, value added manner


    Our Values (Our Moral Compass)

  • Overview

    We want our specific and individual behaviours to measure up to our corporate values. In doing so, SynergyAspen will achieve success in a way in which every employee can be proud. Our path to success is as important as our achievements, and as a team we share the responsibility of living up to the values and behaviours we determine to be worth achieving.  

    Innovation and Excellence

    We are not afraid to do different things or to do things differently.

    Our drive for continuous improvement is relentless. We encourage the sharing of new ideas and challenging those that are tightly held. We achieve our goals and ensure our work is on scope, on time, and on budget. We do this by holding ourselves and each other accountable, by following and improving systems and procedures where they exist, developing them where they do not, and by using evidence-based thinking. We work with a written plan which we evaluate and revise as needed. We execute our plans.


    We are one team regardless of location or role, and we help each other.

    We respect each other. We do so by admitting our mistakes, our weaknesses, and our concerns without fear of reprisal. We provide feedback that is truthful, respectful, and constructive. We are polite and kind, speaking positively about those with whom we work. We participate and communicate, actively listening and then responding. We do not improperly influence others or allow others to influence us improperly. We are all committed to maintaining a workplace free of intimidation, harassment, and bullying. 


    Everyone should benefit from our work.

    Working collaboratively is in our DNA. We seek mutual success by taking the time to understand others and then trying to be understood. We act in ways that benefit everyone, and we recognize that our community and our environment sit at our table. We strive first for consensus, and where it cannot be achieved, uphold corporate decisions in a manner loyal to our values.


    We are mindful of our actions and our surroundings considering how they might impact ourselves and others.

    We recognize that our entire business is related to safety; and transcends the safety of the environment. We strive to ensure that in everything we do, the health and safety of ourselves, our co-workers, industry colleagues, and communities is the top priority. We will always communicate, mitigate and avoid potential hazards and risks.


    Vision (How We See Our Future)

    At SynergyAspen, we envision a growing viable business.  This means a business which is profitable and sustainable without reliance on any one individual.  We will derive our growth by attracting and developing top rate professionals who will in turn provide professional services to a growing number of clients.