Reclamation is the process of converting disturbed land to its former use, or for a similar productive use.  For an abandoned well site formerly used to produce oil and gas, the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) issues a certificate of Restoration upon completion of the reclamation requirements.  Land lease payments cease on the issuance of a CoR, and SynergyAspen understands the timeliness of providing these services.  Our reclamation services include:


Inspection and Planning

Reclamation inspection and planning can be completed on any disturbed land. Through background searches, site inspections, and limited soil sampling, a variety of soil and vegetation parameters are assessed. The end result is a concise plan to implement in the field to ensure a smooth and efficient reclamation project. SynergyAspen has successfully reclaimed over 1,000 sites in BC.

Schedule A & B Assessments

The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) has the greatest agricultural capacity and makes up about 5% of all land in BC.

As part of the OGC`s regulatory process for applying for a well site or pipeline construction permit in the ALR, a pre-site assessment (Schedule A) is required to record the original site conditions and to provide a baseline for soil characteristics, topography, and vegetation parameters. To ensure the site has been reclaimed and restored to acceptable conditions, a post-site assessment (Schedule B) is required after reclamation activities as part of the final regulatory reporting.

SynergyAspen’s years of reclamation experience ensures seamless field inspection and client reporting in completing Schedule A and B Assessments.

Surface Reclamation Supervision

Supervision of surface reclamation ensures a continual support system during the reclamation process. The SynergyAspen reclamation supervisor is responsible for ensuring the reclamation parameters–such as soils, vegetation, and topography–are sufficiently replaced during the actual surface reclamation and also acts as a liaison between the field crew and the client.

SynergyAspen works closely with field equipment operators to understand site conditions that may impact reclamation activities.